Fujihira Ceramics Ltd (henceforth to be referred to as Fujihira) recognizes the sensitivity of personal information. As such Fujihira has implicated appropriate restrictions with the telecommunications company to protect our customer’s privacy. Fujihira’s privacy policy can be read below. As a user of this website the customer allowed to restrict the sharing of the user’s personal information at any time. However, this will prevent user from using some features of this website so Fujihira kindly asks for its customer’s cooperation in those situations.

■The Handling of Personal Information
The current privacy policy allows Fujihira to regulate and protect the customer’s private information. There may be times when Fujihira requests personal information such as customer’s name, address, phone number, email address, ect. Fujihira will use this information as a distinguishing tool to discern individual customers from each other only.

Fujihira will specify when it requests personal information from our customers with detailed guidelines as to how it will be used beforehand. The information received from the customer will strictly be used within the guidelines stated at the time of agreement.

The user’s privacy will be strictly protected. In the event of unwanted disclosure, loss or damage to aforementioned personal information, Fujihira has implemented a strict set of prevention measures will be implemented.

In compliance with the law, Fujihira will request the customer to consent to the privacy policy. Fujihira DOES NOT share the customer’s information with any third parties.

Before the consignment of entrusted personal information, Fujihira will inform the customer specifically what the information will be used for. Fujihira strictly enforces staying within the limits of the stated agreement the customer agrees to prior to releasing their personal information. As well as the contract the customer agrees to, it is Fujihira’s obligation to supervise and control the use of In regards to the information the user consented to give, when a customer wishes to inquire about, edit, or revoke their agreement we request that the user confirm that they are the same person who originally consented to the agreement. After confirming their identity, the customer can edit their information (such as but not limited to their address, phone number, ect) or revoke their consent within a reasonable timeframe.

■The Protection of Personal Information in Link Destinations
Fujihira does not take responsibility for how personal information is used once the user leaves the website. By doing so, they entrust their information with the new location.

■Copyright Policy
All images and information appearing on the website confirm with copyright law. Additionally, Fujihira conforms to both Japanese and International restrictions regarding copyright. When quoting from the website or using it for private, please cite appropriately and follow the guidelines of copyright law. Fujihira gives its users permission to reprint or quote the website as long as they conform to aforementioned copyright laws.

However, unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. We request that all users wishing to use the information on our website respect both the above guidelines and the law.

Fujihira Ceramics Company Ltd take all the possible measures to confirm that what is published on the website is accurate. However, the company does not take responsibility for the way in which users use or manipulate the information they gather from the site.

The website’s information and contents are subject to change. In that case, we will kindly ask for your consent ahead of time.