Marketing company: Fujihira Ceramics Ltd
Website administrator: Suehiro Naomichi
Address:Go-Zaka Street Higashiyama-Ku Kyoto-Shi
Phone Number :075-561-3979
FAX :075-551-4460

Additional payments required outside of the product:
・Handling fee (315\ per piece)
・Postage fee 700\(With the exception of Hokkaido, Okinawa, other outlying islands, and other countries outside of Japan)
・For purchases of 10,500 \ (tax included) or more, the postage fee will be dropped

Ordering Procedures:
Please fax the necessary materials.

Payment method:
We prefer you pay through the post office or bank. Make sure to include in your payment the following things.
1. Product Cost (Plus Tax)
2. Handling Cost
3. Postage Cost
Be aware that the event of transferring money can take time. Fujihira Ceramics Ltd. is not responsible for coving the cost of transferring money.

Payment Timeframe:
Please pay within one week of your purchase. If a customer fails to comply, Fujihira Ceramics Ltd.may cancel their order.

Processing Payments:
We send our products out the following day after they’re purchased. We ship the product approximately 3 days after receiving payment. When paying ahead of time, we confirm receiving all payments from any customer. This may take some time. Feel free to send inquiries about your payments.

※Please confirm that the product in the picture on the website is the correct product and not a different product before finalizing your purchase.

Returns and Exchanges:
We do not accept returns or exchanges. We ask for a thorough confirmation upon purchasing our products minimize dissatisfaction. If the product is different than what you ordered, we offer the opportunity to exchange it after the error being confirmed by the shop. In this case, and this case only, there is the possibility of getting your money back.